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Implementing a Diabetes Lifestyle Management Program Into Practice

This program will review the different methods that can be implemented into a patient's lifestyle for the management of diabetes including the different interventions that can be incorporated into a patient's dietary plan, nutrient optimization, daily exercise as well as screening and sustainability.


  • Explore the importance of dietary interventions for the management of diabetes
  • Discuss and revew the role of nutrient optimization in the 
  • Understand the benefits of daily exercise 
  • Explore the benefits and various methods of diabetes screening



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Introduction to Diabetes Lifestyle Management

Video 2:13

In this video, pharmacist Amy Lamb gives an overview of the topics of discussion and the core paramters in the Diabetes Lifestyle Management program. 

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Dietary Interventions

Video 10:22

Amy Lamb reviews the simple dietary changes that patients with diabetes can implement to manage their condition as well as alleviate some of the symptoms. The most important dietary interventions include the increasing of fibre and plant intake and the decreasing of glycemic and carbohydrate intake. 

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Nutrient Optimization

Video 10:24

This lesson focuses on the importance of optimizing nutrients when managing diabetes. The 3 benefits of nutrient optimization include:

  • Improving insulin sensitivity and decreasing of inflammation
  • The increase of metabolic function and energy
  • Addressing drug-induced drug depletion

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Video 2:31

In this lesson, Amy Lamb talks about the benefits of incorporating exercise into the daily routine of a diabetes patient. 

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Sustainability and Application

Video 3:17

Pharmacist Amy Lamb reviews the methods that should be adopted in order to implement and create a successful diabetes optimization program in your pharmacy. 

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