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Implementing an Influenza Screening Program Into Practice - BTNX

The program is intended to assist pharmacists with integrating a sustainable influenza screening service into a busy community pharmacy practice. The program will review the available technologies and the current evidence that supports the value of implementation.  Strategies to overcome common barriers and workflow issues will also be discussed.


  • Review the current influenza screening technologies available for use by community pharmacists.
  • Discuss strategies to overcome barriers when attempting to integrate influenza screening into a busy community pharmacy practice.
  • Showcase recent evidence that highlights the benefits of pharmacist-directed influenza screening.

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Point of Care Testing

Video 4:23

Point of Care Testing can have multiple beneficial effects on your pharmacy practice. John Papastergiou talks about these in detail, giving a comprehensive overview of how to implement Point of Care Testing and how to best harness its advantages to your patients and your practice alike. 

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Intranasal Flu Screening (BTNX)

Video 5:12

In this lesson, John Papastergiou talks about the importance of intranasal flu screening. A demonstration of the screening process is shown using the BTNX device.

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