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Implementing HealthTab into Practice

HealthTab™ is a proven point-of-care screening system designed to support pharmacists in their evolving role as frontline health care providers. It empowers patients to be proactive about their health by directly measuring and monitoring the key biomarkers of chronic disease – cholesterol and triglycerides, blood sugar, liver and kidney function, and electrolytes. The system is remarkably simple to operate and the analysis is fast, lab-accurate, and requires just a few drops of blood from a finger prick. Patients can print their results in-store and access them securely online at anytime.


  • Learn about the benefits of incorporating HealthTab into the pharmaceutical practice.
  • Understand the procedure, test menu, reference ranges and quality control.
  • Review a list of common frequently asked questions. 

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HealthTab Provider Profile

Video 3:20

Pharmacy Owner, Bob Rai, discusses what HealthTab is and how it is used in pharmacies. This video includes a demonstration of the process.

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