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Implementing Smoking Cessation Service Into Practice

The program is intended to assist pharmacists with integrating a sustainable smoking cessation service into a busy community pharmacy practice. The program will review the Smokerlyzer®  point of care test and the current evidence that supports the value of implementation. Strategies to overcome common barriers and workflow issues will also be discussed.


  • Review administration of the Smokerlyzer® point of care test.

  • Discuss strategies to overcome barriers when attempting to integrate smoking cessation into a busy community pharmacy practice.


  • Explore the tools and forms necessary for implementing a pharmacist-directed smoking cessation service into practice.


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Video 04:54

In the first part of the video Bryan leads you through the structure of the Smoking Cessation Program. In the second part Jon shares his experiences with point-of-care testing in pharmacies (INR warfarin, Home MedsCheck, bone density diagnosis, smoking cessation, heart health program, h. pylori screening).

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Video 04:11

Bryan and Jon talk about the burden and costs of smoking on society, and ways of talking to patients about their smoking habits with the goal of helping them quit using some powerful statistics. They discuss the importance of uncovering the social and genetic backgrounds of developing smoking habits that are hard to get rid of. By the end of this lecture you will also have an understanding of what a nicotine roller coaster is, and why nicotine is a special drug that develops addiction on the long run.

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Video 05:17

In this lesson you will find out more about how genomics predispose someone to develop more addictive behaviors. Bryan talks about the link between coffee and cigarette: how nicotine increases your body's rate of metabolizing caffeine by an increased CYP1A2 enzyme activity, and how it affects people who are trying to quit smoking. You will also learn about the correlation among rapid metabolization induced by smoking, genomic predispositions, commonly used medication and the development of certain types of cancer.

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Video 03:57

Watch the piCO™ Smokerlyzer, a breath CO-monitor and tester in action. Learn how to properly set up the device, and see how it measures the CO-level in patients' lungs.

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